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About RBM

Mission Statement

To provide our clients with the best definitive financial software solutions with a high level of personable and responsive support that builds true value by unifying innovative business and technology strategies.

RBM Consulting:

RBM was founded in 2004 by three senior management consultants from PricewaterhouseCoopers ("PwC"). Initially, RBM's primary business was to support a PwC legacy investment accounting software product called PROSPOR. While RBM continues to support PROSPOR to numerous clients in over 6 countries, RBM has also expanded its service offerings to include consulting in best management practices, customized software solutions and other investment accounting solutions.

RBM provides program based solutions to your Accounting needs - with an MBA and a Chartered Accountant in the Financial Services industry, and several senior programmers on staff, RBM can integrate its industry knowledge of the investment and accounting industry with the technical knowledge of programming custom product solutions.

Why Choose RBM?

When you engage RBM, you not only deal with our individual investment accounting and systems consultants but you begin building a long-term commitment and relationship with RBM itself. Based on the knowledge that there is a direct correlation between our success and the satisfaction and success of our clients, we believe that only a true partnership can achieve the end results your company is looking for. Consequently, we are quick to respond to our client needs and ensure that high client satisfaction levels are consistently maintained.

When engaging with its clients, RBM always establishes strong, consistent and ongoing relationships - from the scoping of the project to the implementation, all the way to on-going support and any future modifications of the project. With this strong relationship, clients can be assured that they have a reliable, long-term partner to help address any issues or overcome any obstacles that they may face during their growth as an organization.

Strong client relationships, combined with 10+ years of industry experience and flexible solutions to meet your needs - this is what defines RBM. If you are looking for a firm that continually excels and differentiates themselves from other industry software consultants, then your choice is obvious - Choose RBM Consulting.

Clients and Markets

RBM's target market is the financial services industry. Within this industry, we tend to have specific client types for whom we can uniquely achieve superior results. We also strive to improve our knowledge and skill sets to best serve these markets.

Our typical client profile includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Cost sensitive
  • Start-up, small and mid-sized financial services organizations
  • Best-solution driven
  • Proactive, innovative and growth oriented